Seven of the ten reasons businesses fail relate directly to their brand or lack thereof.
But don’t panic.

Use StoryScope™ to understand your brand.

70% of the reason why your business might fail is within your control. StoryScope is a process designed to capture your current brand expression and positioning—and is a key part of the BrandJitsu™ methodology. StoryScope will help you pinpoint your brand’s strengths and highlight areas for improvement, ensuring that your trajectory is in harmony with your strategic ambitions.

Businesses in North America have a 13% survival rate.
Still, don’t panic.

Swing those odds back in your favour by completing StoryScope™. It can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as five hours—the more time and attention you put into this, the better the results will be that you get back.

What will you get from the StoryScope process?

  1. See exactly how the world experiences your brand vs. how you think it does.
  2. Know if you are “on brand” or “off-brand” or “brand adjacent” and how to fix it.
  3. Understand how, why, and if you are attracting your ideal customers.
  4. Clearly and simply define the competitive landscape and your place within it.
  5. Identify missed opportunities and/or what ones are ripe for harvest with the right message.
  6. What should you work on next to build, grow, realign, or inspire your audience?

How do you go from ‘meh’ to memorable? Find out.