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I worked with Michael Dargie to uncover my Brand’s DNA using BrandJitsu, which is now a part of everything we do at my distillery.

BrandJitsu helped me to formulate a single sentence which has captured the very essence of our business.  This has been an incredibly helpful exercise and plays a crucial role in the growth of my business.  Working with Michael at Make More Creative was an absolute pleasure.

Michael’s BrandJitsu™ presentation to our Growth accelerator program participants was engaging, relevant and exactly what the cohort needed to take their business to the next level. He answered specific industry questions seamlessly and many Xers jumped on the opportunity to engage with him more in a consultation session. If you learn by example with story, humour and passion, Michael is your entrepreneurial learning Facilitator!

Stephanie Horner, ATBX

Michael is one of those rare breeds of creatives that combines design creativity with a super-clear business mind.

He not only creates the most compelling brands – he crafts brand strategy that becomes an integral part of your business DNA, your goals, ambitions and values. He is expert at what he does – gently but firmly leading his clients to discover the road they really should be taking.

Every time that I’ve seen Michael in action his creative strategy blows my mind. To add to the mix, he is a superb storyteller and teacher. His enthusiasm for what he does shines in everything he does.

Neville Chamberlain, Britewrx

I recently experienced Michael Dargie speak on the topic of BrandJitsu; Wow! What a great speaker and teacher able to impart an abundance of knowledge in a way I could understand and use immediately.

His strategy is simple, yet when he breaks it down it really makes you think about your brand in a whole new light. After his class not only did I had a ton of new and exciting ideas, I was filled with renewed energy and motivation to take my brand to the next level!

If you have a chance to see Michael speak, don’t miss it. Highly recommended!

You remember that terrier from those Kibbles and Bits commercials? Well, that’s Michael. I’ve never seen anyone with so much creative energy.

It is impossible to sit down and discuss an idea with him and not believe in short order that it’s not only possible, but a moral imperative to make it so.

Dallas Paquette, Lift Renovations

Build Your Brand 101

PRE-REQUISITE: Branding for Mere Mortals Lunch & Learn

$499 /person | 10 people | Ask about team rates
WHERE: In-Person (cSPACE Treehouse, Calgary), or Online (Zoom / Miro)
DETAILS: 3.5 hour classroom + 30 minutes one-on-one
MATERIALS: BrandJitsu™ 101 Workbook (printed and digital) and all supplies

Find and shape your brand story before you share it with the world.

Your brand is the most crucial part of your business and is the first thing you need to get right to ensure the success of your business. It’s how you show up and connect with your customers out in the wild and how they will then share their experiences with your brand. 

About this workshop

This workshop is designed to help you create a meaningful and memorable brand from the ground up or take an existing brand and refocus it. It’s an intense and purposeful four hours that you will refer back to for as long as you have your business—heck, you can use it to start every other business moving forward. You will become an expert in a proven and battle-tested methodology to get at the truth and meaning behind your brand quickly and accurately. It is perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses that are either:

  1. Just starting out, or
  2. Looking for funding, or
  3. In a growth phase, or
  4. Preparing to sell their company, or
  5. Any combination of these.

The outcome of this workshop is your brand ethos—your reason for being—so you can connect with the heroes of your story (your customers, partners, and employees) more meaningfully.

  • Find and sequence your Brand DNA.
  • Turn your Brand DNA into your Unvarnished Truth; the single most important sentence your business will ever write.
  • Convert your Brand DNA and Unvarnished Truth into your Brand Promise.
  • Define your Brand Personality and align it with your brand’s Moral Compass.
  • Write your Brand Ethos — your brand’s 30-second elevator pitch that clearly communicates your brand’s Personality, DNA, and Promise, in a way that will engage your audience.

The workshop has limited space (12 people), so you can benefit from a tight cohort of other entrepreneurs and businesses; you’ll also get 30 minutes of one-on-one time with Michael to review your work and plan your next steps.