Workshops and Events

BrandJitsu™ Find, Shape, and Share Your Story
Creator, Presenter, Facilitator
One-Hour Lunch and Learn
BrandJitsu 101: Half-Day Workshop DNA and Personality
BrandJitsu 201: Half-Day Workshop Customer Journey and Offering
BrandJitsu 301: Half-Day Workshop Brand Expression

7-Touch Exploding Brand Technique™
Creator, Presenter, Facilitator
One-Hour Lunch and Learn
7-Touch 101: Half-Day Workshop Plan of Attack
7-Touch 201: Half-Day Workshop Hit the Ground Running

The Fine Art of Getting Sh!t Done
Creator, Presenter, Facilitator

International Brand of Mystery
Creator, Presenter, Facilitator

‘Mutant Brand From Planet X’
How to find and sequence your brand DNA to create a hero, not a mutant (unless mutants are your thing, in which case this will make it more mutant-ee).

There’s Something About Mary
Alberta business success stories and how they did it by embracing and shaping their unique personalities.

How (Not) To Make Your Mark
The top-ten ways to make the outward expression of your brand not suck, but look, feel, read, and sound like the pro that you are.

Your Commercial Success:
Creating Commercials for Small Business

Creator, Presenter, Facilitator

Social Media:
The Intergalactic Kegger

Creator, Presenter, Facilitator

So, You Wanna Start a Podcast?
Creator and Facilitator

Your Website Sucks, Now What?
Creator, Presenter, Facilitator

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Michael Dargie is a sought-after international speaker who has spent his career helping entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses (great and small) find, shape, and share their stories across the globe. He has spent more than 40,000 hours in front of audiences sharing his passion for living a life less ordinary and leaving a lasting impression in business (and in life).

His podcast The RebelRebel has been nominated for numerous awards over the last few years including, Outstanding Host, Outstanding Business Series, and Outstanding Production in a Series.

Jump into his calendar and book a 15-minute meeting.