The World’s Cheeziest Metaphor

For the last 17+ years, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs, artists, and all businesses great and small find, shape, and share their stories with the world using a methodology called BrandJitsu™.

This system was developed because clients would ask us to create a website, or a piece of marketing material, or some sort of advertisement—what ended up being the Outward Expression of their brand.

When we asked for more information on what they were about 99% of the time they didn’t know. This was a challenge for them, and a challenge for us, so we decided to formalize a way that anyone could use to uncover this vital information.

Enter the World’s Cheeziest Metaphor and the fundamentals behind BrandJitsu.

BrandJitsu is a practical and effective system you can use to uncover your brand’s unique DNA, so you can attract your ideal customers, partners and employees.

Do this first.

Before you can effectively communicate with the world, you first need to know what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and why they care—the answers to these four simple questions is your DNA. In the parlance of Loose Moose Theatre’s Keith Johnstone, this is the platform upon which your scene can grow.

From your DNA comes the Unvarnished Truth, which is a single, clear, declarative sentence (devoid of marketing jizz and bejazzling) that communicates your DNA. It is there to remind you why you do what you do, and why people care so deeply about how you do it.

The Unvarnished Truth is your guiding light and is arguably the most important thing your business will ever write down. It is what takes the guesswork out of knowing if you are on-brand or off-brand.

From the Unvarnished Truth comes your Brand Promise which leads to your Brand Ethos, or your story in your own words—your elevator pitch.

The World's Cheeziest Metaphor

Now you’ve found your story, it’s time to shape it.

What kind of brand are you? If your brand was a person, how would it show up in the world? What is its favourite colour? How does it speak? What does it love? Hate? There is a magic that happens when you get clear on your brand’s personality; it really is the Secret Sauce that everyone always raves about, and we are happy to share the recipe with you.

To learn more come to the free lunch & learns, buy the book(s), jump into one of our paid half-day sessions with a friendly and inspiring cohort, or hire one of our licensed BrandJitsu™ agencies to take you through the process one-on-one.