What story is your business telling the world?

What is your brand story?

Move your brand from ‘meh’ to memorable.

This isn’t hype. It’s what happens when you understand your brand at the DNA level because it affects everything you do; every word you say, every image you post, and every experience you share (or wisely decide not to share).

Join us for free online workshops to learn the basics of building, fixing, or pivoting your brand from the DNA up and then if you really want your brand to kickass, sign-up for one of our small-class half-day sessions.

Connect on a deeper level.

It’s not just about what you do or why you do it; it’s also about who you do it for and why they care. Together these are the building blocks that make up the unvarnished truth about your brand—your Brand DNA.

“I recently experienced Michael Dargie speak on the topic of BrandJitsu; Wow! What a great speaker and teacher able to impart an abundance of knowledge in a way I could understand and use immediately.

“His strategy is simple, yet when he breaks it down it really makes you think about your brand in a whole new light. After his class not only did I had a ton of new and exciting ideas, I was filled with renewed energy and motivation to take my brand to the next level!”

—Shylo Victoria